Design Your Life – Part 3

Hello there!

As promised here are your final 6 questions to consider – whilst career planning or transitioning to a new phase of your life!

Remember working out what makes you tick – will help you uncover the areas of work which will be the most fulfilling for you in the future.  It will also help you identify and unlock hidden potential that you may have not yet tapped into – and help you reach higher levels of productivity without increased stress!

So here you go!

Your final six questions:

  1. What is your internal dialogue? 3 examples (not negative self talk or self aggrandisement but what you say to yourself about your desires?)What do you keep talking to yourself about the most?
  2. What do you talk about in social settings? 3 examples (What lights up your eyes and gets you enthused? What do you want to keep bringing into conversation?)
  3. What inspires you? 3 examples (In the past in the present? What is common to the people who inspire you? Figuring out what inspires you most reveals what you value the most.)
  4. What are the most consistent long-term goals that you have set? 3 examples (What are the dreams that dominate your mind that you are working on to bring into reality?)
  5. What do you love to learn about the most? 3 examples (What topics inspire you the most? When you enter a bookstore which section do you go to??)
  6. What do you think about and what is your innermost dominant thoughts – 3 examples. (watch your thinking in the next 3 days if you find this hard.)

So grab a coffee in an inspiring space and start to work out the answers to these very telling questions.

Your future is in your hands – no one else’s!

I will be back in touch again soon with next steps!


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