Anna-Lucia Mackay

Educator HCM Global –  Moderator Harvard Business School (Pub).

Leadership   I   Management   I   Communications   I   Emotional Intelligence

small almpngAnna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator, writer and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Business  and Emotional Intelligence.

Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the worlds leading corporations.

Today she is a Moderator at Harvard Business School (Pub) in the fields of Strategy, Leadership and Communications,  and speaks regularly to global business leaders and at  leading industry events.

Anna-Lucia is the best selling author of “The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team (Wiley 2015) – which is now sold in over 25 countries.

In 2012 she was recognised for her work as a finalist for The Telstra Business Woman of the year Awards and serves as a Non Executive Director and Board Chair.


Anna-Lucia is a global authority on emotional intelligence.  We have seen this through out our exclusive CEO circles, where the most successful captains of industry and some of the biggest sceptics, stopped, listened and were completely engaged and inspired by what she had to say.  Her insights and understanding of emotional intelligence and the impact of mindsets and how integral it is to anyone’s success will benefit all who are trained by her – and who read this wonderful and inspiring book.

John Karagounis, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer The CEO Circle

All of our leaders and aspiring leaders have had training and coaching through HCM Global and Anna-Lucia. Why may you ask? Because they have been able to consistently improve the leadership qualities amongst the group which has led to increased longevity of employment of both managers and their teams; an increased motivation and passion for work; and a better sense of wellbeing and contentment for each staff member personally.

Scott C. Small, Managing Director, Spinifex Holdings