In 2015 Anna-Lucia wrote the best selling book The Four Mindsets™ How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team  – which today is sold in over 25 countries.

The book is a multi-purpose tool to help leaders and managers  learn the core concepts of leadership – and for CEOs,  human resources professionals, management consultants, coaches and training professionals – to coach and train others in leadership.

The High Performance Mindset Model™  used within the book, is a proven strategy used in many of the worlds leading companies.  This model has been designed as an “easy to use” learning pathway when coaching, training and mentoring others in a variety of settings including team meetings, corporate book clubs, one on-one sessions, small-group training sessions and webinar discussions.

Based on adult learning principles to assist learning, retention and knowledge transfer in your workplace.

Each chapter is a stand alone module – and each of the 16 modules contain:

  • a knowledge section outlining easily understood best practice concepts that are the most up-to-date and relevant today
  • a full summary reviewing the key processes and ideas discussed for reinforcement and ‘on the job’ learning
  • reflective questions for personal or group use
  • suggestions for where to start in applying the strategies introduced.

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